The Car

The Car is 2014 plate 5dr Ford Fiesta with a manual 1.0lt petrol engine with 100bhp. It is the new addition engine called the Ecoboost, fitted with a turbo and a start and stop facility. (When stopped and taken out of gear with clutch up, the car will turn off, as soon as the clutch goes back down and into gear the car starts).

It has all the mod cons, a high build quality car with no squeaks and noises. Fitted with alloy wheels, electric windows, air conditioning, heated front and rear screens, heated door mirrors and fitted with Duel controls for your safety.

I do put the radio on quietly towards the later end of your lessons if requested, as when a fully qualified driver it can be very scary going out on your own and even putting the radio on. So I purely do it so you get used to it so it’s not too scary for your first time.